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You are working on the telemetry unit. You have just received a patient from the emergency department who presented with syncope of unknown cause. They were unable to discover the cause in the emergency department and the decision was made that she be admitted for additional diagnostics and observation. You just finished her initial assessment, which was unremarkable, and left her room to begin catching up on your charting. The monitor technician hands you the following strip.

about 3–5 minutes

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This rhythm is called a:
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You should react to this rhythm by;

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You arrive in the room and the patient is semi conscious with a barely palpable pulses. She is extremely pale and diaphoretic. She has an IV in place. You should administer:

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While administering the medication you would call for what piece of equipment to be brought to the room immediately?

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You would expect this patient to receive what before she is discharged?

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Correct answers

  • Third degree AV block.
  • Immediately going to the patient’s room to assess for serious signs and symptoms.
  • Atropine 0.5mg IV.
  • Transcutaneous pacemaker
  • A permanent pacemaker

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