The first thing you should know about me is that I am passionately motivated by health and well-being. Wholeness is central to health, and that means eating right, moving the body, having a network of friends, finding things to be grateful for, doing meaningful work and being connected to the world. The people I admire most are often doctors and nurses as well as fitness specialists and other health professionals.

I’m especially proud to have joined the educational team here at acls.net. The mission of ACLS Training Center is to get health professionals top quality ACLS training as well as Basic Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. This is an organization that has been doing this since before I graduated college!

What makes me so passionate about this topic of health and well-being? Well, when I was ten my dad, who was only in his fifties at the time, died of a heart attack. As a child, I did not comprehend this loss nor did I understand why my family had to move to the Midwest from California. Everything changed from one day to the next, leaving my mom, a widow, my sister and I fatherless. Only years later did I ask my mom about my dad’s health. I wasn’t really a jock in high school. I was a skinny, kind of shy kid in fact. I remembered my dad, who had a soul crushing cubicle job by day but was a struggling artist by night, but I didn’t remember much about his health because it wasn’t something I even thought about. With little connection to the world or time to do the things that had true meaning to him, his spirit withered. To make a long story short, my mom told me my dad never thought about his health, ate everything he wanted, and didn’t exercise. His life was dedicated to tasks, and he was a worrier. I rarely got to see the inspired and idealistic artist or a strong, confident father. I saw a man who was bent down from the weight of the world and self-pity. After that conversation, I realized I wanted my life to be different and I dedicated myself to being an outdoorsman, to learning about mental and physical fitness and training other people to commit to a positive lifestyle change rather than a few obligatory trips to the gym. Being healthy can be fun and shouldn’t get in the way of your life, but enhance it. I enjoy working with companies that have a similar philosophy.

I still have clients as a personal trainer and I have found great meaning and fulfillment in helping to craft some of the teaching and training materials ACLS Training Center has, as well as writing about my passions.

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