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Connecticut Medical Statistics

Welcome to the Connecticut PALS, ACLS and BLS related page of medical statistics. Please take a few minutes to learn more about public health in Connecticut.

How is Connecticut Unique?

Connecticut residents have the second highest life expectancy in the Northeastern Region of the United States at eighty point two years (80.2). They are right behind New York in this category.

Connecticut also boasts the lowest rate of diabetes in the Northeast. Seven point three percent (7.3%) represents the diabetes rate.

Continuing the trend of good health, Connecticut has the lowest rate of both adult and childhood obesity in the Northeastern Region. The adult obesity rate is twenty-three percent (23%) and the childhood obesity rate is twenty-five point seven (25.7%). The regional averages are twenty-five point eighty-six percent (25.86%) and twenty-nine point sixty-one percent (29.61%).

Connecticut is easily one of the healthiest states in the Northeastern Region.

Real Life Medical Stories from Connecticut

Jul 17, 2013

Firefighters and paramedics save baby of 9-month-pregnant mother after her collapse and death by using CPR.

Article Summary

A group in Connecticut has received funding to launch a new program to help educate about cardiac arrest. Their hope is to use social marketing and health education to prevent heart attacks. This is a great service new service that is improving Connecticut ACLS and BLS.

Article Summary

A man in Hartford, Connecticut finally received a new heart after spending 166 days in the hospital. The family was overwhelmed with emotion at the successful outcome of the transplant that happened at the hands of the skilled cardiologists.