PALS in-hospital respiratory scenario

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You are working on the floor of a medical unit when you are called to the room of a 1-year-old who was admitted earlier from the emergency department where they were treated for respiratory distress and croup like symptoms. You arrived to find the child in obvious distress breathing 64/min with an oxygen saturation of 84% on 2 liters of blow by oxygen. Temperature is 97.4 F. Heart rate is 160 with a BP of 75/43. There is loud stridor on inhalation. Weight is 12kg. After activating the emergency response system from the ED you continue to treat your patient.

about 3–5 minutes

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Your first intervention is:

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Immediately following the above intervention you should;

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What medication would you expect to use in this situation?

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What part of this patient’s assessment makes you suspect an upper airway obstruction?

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What is an acceptable oxygen saturation on room air?

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Correct answers

  • Place the patient on bed and reposition to open airway using head tilt-chin lift.
  • Administer 100% oxygen via non-rebreather mask
  • Nebulized epinephrine
  • Loud inspiratory stridor
  • 94–99%

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