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57-year-old patient who is two days post op from gastric bypass surgery. He has called the ambulance because he has abdominal pain and is dizzy when he stands. You arrive to find a conscious, alert and oriented patient with slightly pale and diaphoretic skin. He appears to be in distress as he is leaning forward holding his abdomen. He says his pain has been increasing over the past 24 hours. His breathing is not labored. His pulse is strong and regular at a rate of 126. His pulse ox is 96% on room air and his BP is 94/68. You place him on a cardiac monitor that reveals a narrow complex tachycardia.

about 3–5 minutes

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Another assessment tool that may be helpful would be;

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One of your first steps of treatment should be:

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Based upon the clinical presentation of this patient, this rhythm is most likely?

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Treatment of this rhythm should be base on:

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The cause of sinus tachycardia always involves:

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Correct answers

  • Orthostatic vital signs.
  • Establish IV access and prepare to administer a normal saline fluid bolus.
  • Sinus tachycardia
  • Finding and treating the underlying cause.
  • Compensation for an underlying issue such as temperature, pain, fear, bleeding, etc.

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