Cardiac arrest with AED out of hospital | ACLS pretest

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You are walking through a big box store when an employee comes running down the aisle yelling for help. He says "The guy I was working with just fell out of the cherry picker!" You run with him back to the man who is laying at the bottom of a mechanical lift that is extended approximately 15 feed in the air. His left leg is bent at a strange angle. He is not moving and does not respond to his friend calling his name.

about 3–5 minutes

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As a healthcare provider your initial, simultaneous assessment should include:

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You determine that the patient is not breathing and does not have a pulse. You learn from his co-worker that he recently was in the hospital for "something with his heart." Your next step is to:

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Compressions should be done by pushing fast and hard. What is the rate of compressions for this patient?

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Following 30 compressions, what should you do next?

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The friend arrives with the store's AED. He does not know how to use it, but does know CPR. You should:

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Correct answers

  • The level of consciousness, adequacy of breathing and presence of pulse.
  • Begin compressions and send the friend for the AED.
  • 100–120 per minute
  • Open the airway using the jaw thrust and ventilate twice
  • Have the friend take over compressions, attach the AED and follow the instructions.

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