Airway management II

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As a paramedic you respond to a call for a "man down." You arrive to find compression only CPR in progress by local police officers. The patient suddenly collapsed while walking down the street. His down time was approximately 5 minutes before police arrived. There are copious amounts of emesis in the patient's mouth.

about 3–5 minutes

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which of the following should you do first?

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The patient is very difficult to ventilate because of his anatomy. You cannot maintain a decent seal with the bag valve mask and are not achieving chest rise with many ventilations. You have only intubated twice before. Which of the following should you consider:

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Copious amounts of emesis is present in the mouth and nasopharynx. Prior to inserting an airway device you should;

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  • Allow police to continue while you suction the airway and begin ventilation with a bag valve mask
  • Using a king airway or laryngeal mask airway.
  • Suction the mouth and nasopharynx using a hard suction catheter.

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