Quizzes are an important part of paring for ACLS examination and an effective way to learn different concepts, techniques and theory. As a free resource for our visitors, we have put together a practice quiz for each of the main AHA Advanced Cardiac Life Support cases. Click a quiz link in any scenarios below to open a quiz for that ACLS case. Each quiz includes 5 to 10 questions designed to test your knowledge of that particular case or scenario.

Pass five quizzes (80% or higher score) and get 20% off your ACLS certification with us. Just send a screenshot of your scores to support@ACLS.net

quiz icon ACLS Quiz

A variety of questions from different cases.

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quiz icon Bradycardia Quiz

This case outlines how to assess and manage a patient with symptomatic bradycardia...

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quiz icon Sinus Tachycardia Quiz

Your patient is a 48 y/o woman whose chief complain is "I almost fainted when I got out of bed." She has been ill for 2 days with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea...

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quiz icon Acute Coronary Syndromes Quiz

You are in the Emergency Department when a 54 year old male arrives rubbing the center of his chest. He states "it feels like someone is sitting on my chest"...

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quiz icon Supraventricular Tachycardia Quiz

This test reviews stable and unstable supraventricular tachycardia, allows you to assess each and choose the correct intervention.

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quiz icon Pulseless Electrical Activity Practice Quiz

Your task for this case is to assess and manage a patient in cardiac arrest who has pulseless electrical activity (PEA). Although the ECG shows organized cardiac electrical activity, the patient is unresponsive with no palpable pulse...

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quiz icon STEMI Quiz

ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction quiz

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quiz icon Unstable Tachycardia Quiz

Two keys to managing patients with unstable tachycardia are, first, quickly recognizing that the patient has significant symptoms and is unstable, and second, quickly recognizing that the patient's signs and symptoms are caused by the tachycardia.

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quiz icon Stroke Quiz

This case covers the identification and initial management of patients with acute ischemic stroke...

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quiz icon VF/Pulseless VT Quiz

This case follows basic protocol for handling a ventricular fibrillation...

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quiz icon Respiratory Arrest

This case follows basic protocol for responding to respiratory arrest.

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