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When someone suffers from a stroke or cardiac arrest, the chances for their survival and recovery depend upon how quickly basic CPR or BLS measures are initiated and how quickly professional medical personnel with certified training in ACLS techniques arrive to take over support measures. Even though Ohio ranks as the 36th healthiest state in the nation, there are definite risks factors that medical professionals with ACLS certification should keep in mind when answering an emergency call. Among the adult population in Ohio, over 16% report they are in poor health. With obesity rates for adults nearing 30% and childhood obesity at 33.30%, increased rates of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes all contribute to an increased risk of stroke and cardiac arrest. Presently over 3% of the adult population in Cincinnati has already had a stroke and emergency responders should be familiar with the Cincinnati Stroke Scale when answering a call where stroke or cardiac arrest is suspected.

The Cincinnati Stroke Scale is a simple diagnostic tool used to assess the presence of a stroke in patients exhibiting a change in health or mental status thus requiring a call to emergency services. The presence of a stroke may be indicated by observed facial drooping, arm drift, or changes in speech such as slurring or an inability to repeat common words. If one or more of these are observed, the patient should seek medical attention immediately. The presence of even one of these symptoms indicate a 72% probability that the individual is having an ischemic stroke, if all of these findings are present the likelihood of a stroke exceeds 85%. The simplicity of the Cincinnati Stroke Scale makes it easy to use accurately by non-medical individuals to convey information when calling for emergency assistance. Speedy identification of a stroke and the availability of ACLS certified assistance and medical treatment greatly increases chances for survival and recovery from an ischemic stroke.

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