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Advanced cardio-vascular life support training provides a systematic approach for health-care providers in the treatment of patients that have heart problems. Due to Boston’s large community of medical professionals, there is a large need for ACLS certification. Boston, Massachusetts is known for state of the art medical treatments. Many professionals working in this field need continual updates to their medical certifications. Basic life support begins with resuscitation, whereas ACLS training must be learned for advanced resuscitation efforts.

Health-care providers who need ACLS certification include nurses who work in intensive care units, operating, recovery, and emergency rooms. Transport and in-home support service nurses also need this type of training. Doctors who provide health-care services in these same situations are also required to have ACLS certification. All emergency medical professionals that work with patients must also be certified in ACLS.

ACLS certification

ACLS certification Boston residents need can be accessed online, on their time. Online courses allow medical professionals to take training and receive certification or recertification without having to travel to a classroom. Any computer that supports the Internet can provide needed access for renewal, training and online ACLS course sign-up.

ACLS training or certification renewal, teaches medical professionals multiple treatment algorithms and helps them learn about the different heart rhythms. Arrhythmia is a common symptom in people who suffer from cardiac complications. It involves different rates or rhythms of the heartbeats outside of normal or effective heart patterns. When arrhythmia occurs, the medical professional needs to be able to identify these problems and implement effective treatments quickly. ACLS training provides advanced information on tachycardia, or hearts that beat too fast and bradycardia, when the heart beat’s too slow.


The text used in our training is usually part of the online course or tuition for the coursework needed for ACLS certification. Boston, Massachusetts professionals who have already enrolled and completed our training services have enjoyed the ease of access to the necessary information. Once a person has completed ACLS training, the medical professional must take and pass a test that may involve as many as 50 or more questions.

ACLS certification is usually valid for two years, and after that recertification must take place. ACLS course training typically applies to continuing education credits; if you have to pay for the courses out of your pocket, as a medical professional, you might also be eligible for a tax deduction. The IRS provides tax deductions for work-related educational expenses, tests and certifications. You can also check with your employer, as the company may provide reimbursement for these courses.

Another branch of ACLS is pediatric advanced life support. Basic life support, PALS and ACLS provides the understanding and training for all types of medical professionals who might face life support issues in the daily functions of their jobs. The training you receive can help you understand the heart and how to keep it operational when the need arises.

Understanding heart issues

The heart uses an electrical pulse to keep itself pumping. During each heartbeat, electricity spreads across the entire heart. This signal causes the heart to pump blood as it contracts and relaxes. The electrical signal begins in the sinus or sinoatrial nodes in the heart’s upper right chamber, or heart atrium. Healthy adult hearts have sinus nodes that induce an electrical pulse for the new heartbeat ranging between 50 and 100 times a minute.

After it leaves the sinus node, the electrical signal moves across special pathways in both the left and right atria, which causes it to contract and pump blood into the heart’s ventricles, or two lower chambers. From there, the electrical signal moves to the atrioventricular node, found between the ventricles and atria. The signal slows as it waits for the ventricles to fill with blood before moving to into the right and left bundle branches, called the “His bundle of branches”. At this point, the heart pumps the blood to the lung and throughout the entire body.

The ACLS certification process helps the medical provider to understand this process and any complications that can arise, disrupting this process. The ability to provide advanced cardiac life support to restart and maintain the heart’s rhythm and beat is imperative for supporting life. Advanced cardiac life support can save lives. Recertifying your ACLS training every two years means that you are able to help save lives and stay updated on the latest ACLS training, techniques, and modalities. For more information on ACLS, PALS, BLS or training, please review the following links:

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