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Kentucky Medical Statistics

Welcome residents of Kentucky. Read below to find out more about Kentucky ACLS, BLS and PALS related medical facts. Our medical data represents current health statuses of the population and are compiled from national and state health reports.

How is Kentucky Unique?

Compared to the regional averages, Kentucky is right along the mean in most categories except for a few notable exceptions. The first of these exceptions is the rate of heart disease in Kentucky. The regional average four point ninety-four percent (4.94%) yet Kentucky's rate is at five point eight percent (5.8%).

The second exception, which coincides with heart disease, is the heart attack rate. In Kentucky, six percent (6.00%) of the adults have had a heart attack. Also, Kentucky has the highest regional rate of people with high cholesterol at forty-one point six percent (41.6%). The regional average is thirty eight point seven two percent (38.72%).

Real Life Medical Stories from Kentucky

Article Summary

This is a heartwarming story about a Kentucky basketball fan that saved the life of a North Carolina basketball fan in a hotel. The rescuer heard screams from across the hall and ran to help. When she arrived, she found a man lying on the bed with his wife trying to perform CPR. The rescuer moved the man to the ground and began basic life support (BLS) by administering CPR for 15 minutes.