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Certified instructor through the American Heart Association™

34years of experience in the field

Certified by the Department of Health as an EMS Educational sponsor

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Judy started her career at a Tertiary Hospital in the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory following receipt of her bachelor’s in biology/cardiac sciences in the early 1980’s. She is credentialed as a registered cardiovascular invasive specialist through Cardiovascular Credentialing International. She is further credentialed as an emergency medical technician — Paramedic through the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

Judy has 25+ years of experience with invasive diagnostic and interventional cardiology as well as 30 years of active emergency medical service experience. She is an active member of the Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team and as such has deployed in support of both domestic and foreign disasters. She is also involved in community education including CPR, first aid, and first responder courses.

She is the current owner of a medical continuing education company that provides advanced cardiac life support, pediatric life support, basic cardiac life support, prehospital trauma life support, 12 lead and basic arrhythmia and critical care education to physicians, nurses and paramedics nationwide. She is certified as an instructor through the American Heart Association, the Health and Safety Institute, and the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians. In addition, Judy is certified by the Department of Health as an EMS Educational sponsor.

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