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With less than 4% of Illinois residents having heart disease, it is easy to be lulled into thinking that there is less need for ACLS certification or recertification. Yet most medical professionals are required to obtain BLS, PALS, or ACLS certification. Chicago medical professionals in emergency facilities or services such as firefighters, or first responders especially need to be trained in ACLS and PALS supportive measures. The chance of a stroke or cardiac arrest victim surviving and recovering dramatically increases with prompt initiation of CPR from bystanders at the scene. If you follow this with ACLS support from medical professions while transporting the victim to the hospital chances of survival increase even more. With 14% of the population in Illinois not covered by health insurance, many Chicago residents lack adequate healthcare, and poor health and wellness education that could prevent health risks associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, or obesity.

As the oldest provider of 100% online certification and renewal courses in ACLS, the ACLS Training Center is pleased to also offer BLS, and PALS certification along with easy access to online courses for ACLS recertification. Chicago medical providers are actively involved in educating the public and raising awareness of the need to assist as many individuals as possible with recognizing the signs of stroke or cardiac arrest. Private citizens are encouraged to learn about and be prepared to administer Hands Only CPR until medical professionals, trained in ACLS arrive to take over support using a combination of airway support, IV medications, and other advanced technologies and procedures.

Most medical professionals are obliged to obtain Online ACLS course. Chicago medical professionals who receive certification for ACLS, BLS, and PALS can keep their certification for two years before needing to recertified. Our online courses offer an easy way for busy medical professionals to obtain ACLS recertification. Chicago medical professionals can order all necessary certification courses at one time. Not only will doing so save you up to 15% in course costs, but because there is no time limtaking any of the certification or recertification exams, you can take all the time you need to study for each exam. When you are ready, you have online access to the exam 24-hours a day, seven days per week! Receive your grade minutes after completing the exam. When you pass the certification exam, you have instant access to download a printed copy of your provider eCard and a hard copy is mailed to you within a few business days after your request which is free of cost. If you did not pass the exam on your first attempt, you may retake the exam a total of three times with no additional cost. We provide you detailed information regarding the questions missed and recommend study solutions to help you study for and pass your certification exam.

Online ACLS certification is recognized and accepted in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois as well as every state in the nation. Online certification is also accepted in many areas worldwide. When you sign up for any of our courses you receive free shipping and handling, instant grading just minutes after completing your exam, unlimited time to study and complete the course, and our comprehensive training materials available online as downloads and a comprehensive provider’s manual. We also include excellent customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days on all certification or renewal courses that we offer. With our online ACLS certification or renewal courses we make it easy for you to sign up and choose the courses you need and provide immediate online access to course materials as soon as your payment is made. Print out coursework at your leisure and take all the time you need to study it thoroughly. Our comprehensive materials provide you with everything you need to complete the exams successfully. We invite you to call us at +1 219‑255‑2255 and speak to our trained staff. We can answer any questions you may have about online certification in Chicago and help you get started today.

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