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This is 100% online and your course begins after completing checkout. Study at your own pace, and take the exam when you are ready. There is no time limit and you can retake the exam up to 3 times for free if you do not pass.

Everything you need to pass ACLS, BLS or PALS recertification

1 First Step
Online study material

All study materials are included, you have choice to read it online or print it. You are always welcome to call in or email us for assistance during your course.

2 Second step
Pass the online exam

Our exam is multiple-choice format and covers all content in the course. You have three attempts to complete this exam. Our pass rate is over 95% on the first or second try.

3 Third step
No skill test required

No skills-check is required to complete this course for in-hospital providers. Paramedics and EMTs must complete the skills form, and we provide the skills form in our course.

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How do I get my certificate?

As soon as you pass your exam, your provider eCard is emailed to you and if requested, hard-copy certificate is mailed the next business day. The certificate does not say "online" on it. Exact text on the certificate is as follows.

STUDENT NAME has successfully completed the course requirements and cognitive evaluation in accordance with ACLS Training Center curriculum.

- Exact words on our healthcare provider certificate

Free provider certificate after the completion of course.

And our certificate is accepted anywhere in North America. We also have a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Check out our free course-preparation materials and follow us for daily quizzes and nursing banter.

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