Ana Clara photo

Ana Clara De Tomaso Portaz is a 29 year old biologist from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a MSc degree in Biology and clinical handling of cancer at the University of Salamanca, Spain.

Regarding her professional experience, she has been involved in both academic and clinical research since 2008. Her workplaces include the Laboratory of Steroid Hormones, at the University of Buenos Aires´ School of Nature and Science, the Laboratory of biological effects of environmental pollutants (School of Medicine) and the Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular basis of tumor progression and tumor stem cells (Cancer Research Center, University of Salamanca, Spain), among others. In the private field, she worked in two CROs (Contract Research Organization) in the clinical Data Management area. She has also experience doing translation, edition and correction of diverse scientific articles.

Additionally, she has numerous national and international poster presentations and a scientific article released in 2015, available at